Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just sharing a picture of my new spinning wheel. The Krompski Ministral. Its awesome. I just love the way it spins. I spin early in the morning and evening when I get home from work. Although this week will be really busy. Homecoming here this weekend and my 16 yr. old son told me last night that I need to make a mum for his girlfriend. I had to call a few friends to see if anyone is available to help me make a mum. I have never done one and I know they are really expensive to buy. I have company coming over on Wed night so I may only have one day to make it. Nothing like waiting till the last minute to do this. Oh well,,,I'm sure it will get done.

We are all enjoying this great cool weather we have been having lately here in Texas. Can't wait for the fall. Its funny when its cold we want warmer weather and when its hot we want cooler weather.

Over the weekend my older son and his girlfriend went to one of the Mexico islands and spent a week their. When they came back they told us that they got married!! It was my son's first marriage and her 2nd. She is a wonderful girl and her 3 yr old son is awesome. We are all thrilled and wish them the VERY BEST!! Now to plan a party in a couple of weeks for them. Let's see....what can I knit for them!!!

I'm currently working on a sweater using soy silk, a pair of socks with Knit Picks sock yarn and a bowl which I will felt. I will post those pictures soon. Of course spinning on the side.


Blogger Amie said...

Welcome to the Spinning Wheel!

7:28 PM  
Blogger ~Silvia~ said...

Love your Wheel.Spinning is something everybody should do...all of the time!! I am curious to know what the 'mum'is for your Son's girlfriend

1:26 AM  

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