Monday, January 08, 2007


Hello all, I haven't been posting since last year and thought I would write. I work at a University and we have been away for about 12 days. Hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas. Mine was great...I had my three kids and their families over. It was great. Got alot done at home also. Painted a bedroom and bathroom...boy, what a job. Now the fun part of decorating them.
Our local knitting group had a pillow exchange and here is the pillow that I did. The button in the middle is a gourd piece. It was great because it went to our only male member. The yarn was his and I knitting this for him. We had a wonderful time at the party with lots of great pillows. Also here is a picture of my kids. Jordan on the left, my oldest Jennifer in the middle and my youngest Quade on the right. He is 17 and think he is already grown...


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