Thursday, February 22, 2007

Meet "Tyson"

Sorry,,,I haven't blogged in a while just so busy and sick dealing with this lovely Texas weather and my allergies. My older son gave me this awesome boxer puppy last week and I just had to show you all. I lost my lifelong friend (Boxer..Copper) a few months ago. Jordan came across this puppy and thought of me. Now we have a minpin, lab that just appeared and now this boxer.

Now for my knitting. I am still working on my "Pure" silk sweater...just sleeves has really taken me alot longer to finish than I though it would but it will be finished soon. know how it is when you LYS gets in new yarn.......I just bought handpainted yarn "Laurel" and getting ready to knit a Berroco Vest. I will send pictures soon. It's my first real splurge as its 400 yds for 35.00. I think it will be worth it in the long run and of course I'm worth it....!!!


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