Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Spinner's Possibles Pouch!!

Hello all,

Well, I have started making these pouches for spinning wheels. They are fun to make and you can really get creative. Here is one of mine for you to see. Its with handspun/knitting yarn and I felted it. It turned out really cute. Its about 6 1/2" across and about 7" tall including handle. You can wrap it on a spindle of your spinning wheel. I have this one on ebay for sale just to see how it goes. Its great for your tools etc. when you spin.

Not much else going on. Trying to garden and watch it rain. We have gotten so much rain lately its horrible. About 12 " the past week at my house. Guess you can get lots of things done on the inside while its raining. Like cleaning drawers etc. UGH!! I would much rather be spinning or knitting...Although watching the last bit of Dancing with the Stars and American Idol is way up on my list after working at my job all day.