Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Spun Golden Retriever yarn

Better late than never post. Gee I haven't posted since 09. Well, here I am again. I have been working my 2 jobs as usual and I have been spinning and teaching spinning classes around my town. Here is a picture of my latest for a very nice lady in The Woodlands. Its her Golden Retriever hair. I got over 300 yards of it spun for her. Its two ply and I think turned out really well. Had to share it with you all. I have also been working in my yard and trying to get flower beds started. My daughter and her husband and grand-son put up my swing near my patio and I really love it. I will post a picture soon of it.

I hope to write more soon but life does get in the way. Enjoy my picture of the yarn. If you haven't tried spinning dog hair..give it a try. Really nice to spin. It also isn't mixed with anything like wool. I have done some with mixture of wool and it was nice as well but this is straight dog.. Enjoy