Friday, April 18, 2008

Spinning Away!!!

Well, look at this lovely blue yarn that I spun up last weekend while I was doing a demo in Independence, Texas at their Wildflower tour. It was awesome and I had a wonderful time. The dulcimer group was playing next to us and you seem to be back in time. We sat on the porch of a dog trot house and the wildflowers were in bloom.

The next is what is on my spinning wheel at the moment. I just couldn't get enough of spinning so I had to start this beautiful Merino/colonial wool. Can't wait to get it done.

Weekend is almost here and I'm baby sitting Jo Jo tonight while my son and his wife have a great night on the town. He is 5 months now and learning all sorts of new things. Then tomorrow I may stop by some garage sales then on to work at my other part-time job.

Happy Weekend to all!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Boy, such a long time since I have posted!! Here is my update!

Hello all,

Sorry its been sooo long since I have posted. Well, alot has happened. I have moved into town. Smaller house but easy to keep and a smaller yard. Really different from my 10 acres. My animals have adjusted pretty well. I moved Dec. 14th. I have also had a new Grandson Jonas ( Jo Jo). He is now 4 months. I have taught some spinning classes in a nearby town. I have also done some gourd work and have a piece in our local gallery. Then a few days ago I caned my first chair. My daughter wanted me to do it for her. Of course the pattern isn't quite right but you can sit in it which is all that matters. I am working on felted clogs. I have one done and getting ready to start the other one. I did make Jonas a blanket for his crib. That is about all my knitting that I have had time for. Hopefully will start more soon.